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Why Policy? It Works! Building Healthy Communities through Population-Based Strategies
Why Policy? It Works! Combating Chronic Disease through Population-Based Strategies

Can you think of a policy that protects your health? How about seatbelt laws or smoke-free bars and restaurants? These policies and laws surround us and are intended to protect the health of individuals and a population as a whole. When a population-based approach is implemented, it becomes easier for individuals to choose behaviors that lead to better health and overall well-being.

These free booklets give you a solid understanding of population-based strategies and a host of examples that demonstrate how this approach has improved the health and well-being of communities. These booklets will help you:

  • Understand traditional and population-based strategies;
  • Describe how health behaviors are changed at the individual and population level and the benefits of each approach;
  • Understand why population-based approaches are more effective.

Population-based work is challenging and exciting – and most importantly, it works. To learn more, download your free booklets today by filling this form!