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NATISHE is a skill oriented training institute that focuses on the development of training programs and presentation skills.  In addition, health educators will develop a new skill set that includes planning and conducting outreach; providing short educationally-based counseling sessions in the clinic setting; and re-thinking their training initiatives to be more outcomes focused.  It is designed to strengthen the wide-array of skills that health educators will need in the upcoming years through participation in plenary sessions, workshops and small group work.  NATISHE is designed particularly for individuals in family planning settings, schools and community based organizations.

NATISHE participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to select new evidence-based interventions and successfully integrate them into existing programs;

  • Gain new teaching methods and techniques;

  • Acquire lesson plans, resources, and educational materials;

  • Build skills around planning and conducting outreach;

  • Practice providing educationally-based counseling;

  • Receive peer support and feedback;

  • Assess their own attitudes, knowledge, and skills as educators;

  • Experience inspiration, rejuvenation, and a renewed commitment to their work and;

  • Network with participants from multiple federal regions.

Newer educators have the opportunity to:

  • Build basic skills in program design, development and evaluation.

Experienced educators have the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills for the delivery of evidence based curricula with fidelity and FUN!