Current Research & Evaluation Projects

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Current Research & Evaluation Projects

Currently, research activities in the division include conducting biological and behavioral surveillance surveys of foreign military personnel; evaluating evidence based interventions; and evaluating pilot programs to reduce teen pregnancy and improve healthcare accessibility for at risk populations.

Our Current Projects:

  • A comparison of behavioral questionnaire administration modalities among patients in the Avon Foundation's Breast Health Outreach Program: Audio computer-assisted self interview (ACASI), face to Face interview (FFI), and self-administered paper interviews for client demographic and behavior profiles.
  • A bio-behavioral surveillance survey (BBSS) of HIV and sexual risk behaviour in uniformed services personnel in Latin America
  •  A mixed-methods assessment of the "Swagga and Lace" Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project in Rural Georgia
  • A quantitative survey of gaps in the provision of quality reproductive and sexual health services for adolescents in nine states
  • A qualitative study of barriers, challenges, and strategies to improving access to quality reproductive and sexual health services for adolescents in four states (CDC TPP)

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