The Plan C: Copper IUD as Emergency Contraception Implementation Guide is Here!

Every year, millions of women in the United States seek emergency contraceptive services.1 However, every day, women face challenges in accessing much-needed emergency contraception (EC) services to prevent unintended pregnancy. The copper IUD, in addition to being one of the most effective contraceptive methods available, is the most effective form of EC.2

While there is no doubt that offering the copper IUD to female clients seeking EC is a best practice, there are systems-level challenges to integrating this service into family planning settings. In response, the NYS COE has developed the Plan C: Copper IUD as Emergency Contraception Implementation Guide to support family planning providers to implement this best practice at their service sites. The need for such a resource was identified during the NYS COE’s March 2015 Webinar, the Copper IUD and Emergency Contraception: Best Practices and Strategies for Implementing "Plan C." The faculty person on that Webinar, Laura Churchill, MS, FNP-BC, Deputy Director of Public Health/Clinical Services at Greene County Public Health/Family Planning, informed the development of the guide.

This guide details the rationale for providing the Copper IUD method to clients as EC, and addresses some of the clinical, fiscal, and operational considerations for making this service available at a larger scale. This guide was designed for administrators, prescribing clinicians, and frontline staff seeking to expand emergency contraceptive services at their health centers.

The NYS COE is excited to share this resource with the family planning provider community! To access the Plan C toolkit, click here.

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