center of expertise for online training

Center of Expertise for Online Training

CAI is the Center of Expertise (COE) for Online Training for the AIDS Institute (AI). As the COE for Online Training, CAI supports AI with the development of an e-learning system that collects data related to the completion of online modules and is compatible with their registration site CAI also translates existing and new training curricula into interactive distance learning trainings and digital learning tools that keep participants engaged in the learning process and meet the intended goals and objectives of the training. Additionally, CAI advises AI and its contractors about the latest developments in the field of distance learning, web-based training and digital learning tools.

The e-learning program will include trainings on the following topics:

Linkage and Retention Series 
- Engaging Older HIV+ Men who are Gay or MSM in Care
- Engaging Hepatitis C Infected Patients in Care

Peer Worker Series
- Peer Worker Code of Ethics in Practice
- Preparing for Peer Workers: An Organizational Assessment

Motivational Interviewing Series
- Motivational Interviewing: Overview
- Motivational Interviewing: Skills Practice