At the 2015 Family Planning Provider Meeting Networking Reception, we asked…

“What was your biggest takeaway from Day 1 of the 2015 Family Planning Provider Meeting?”

“A quote from Tom Klaus’ presentation really resonated with me: ‘Change happens at the speed of trust.’ This quote really encompasses a pivotal way of thinking about community mobilization, as well as enhancing our outreach so we can meet people where they are in order to establish trust.”
Sarah Miller
Planned Parenthood of Nassau County
Hempstead, NY

“Usha Ranji’s account of current policy shifts and the overall health care landscape really helped to tie in the work being done in small rural health departments, and to connect it with the bigger picture of Title X.”
Colleen Schiedel
Livingston County Department of Health
Mt. Morris, NY

“As the only Health Educator working at my agency, the Provider Meeting offered me the rare opportunity to network with others doing similar work and facing similar challenges.”
Tiffany Lloyd
Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility, Inc.
Syracuse, NY

“The most important takeaways from this meeting for me are the new and diverse strategies and perspectives on outreach and engagement. Recognizing the importance of engaging with a community and really being a part of the community is vital. Coming from a place of truthfulness, with passion and love, is the key to successful engagement.”
Susan Billinghurst-Hamlet
Morris Heights Health Center
Bronx, NY

“I really enjoyed Michelle Gerka’s presentation, as it allowed us to sit and work with people from other agencies. It allowed us to network with folks we don’t normally work with, offering us the chance to exchange ideas and experiences.”
Shari Curry
Kaleida Health
Buffalo, NY