Welcome Letter

Dear Family Planning Provider:

I am sure you would agree that the establishment of the Statewide Center of Excellence for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services (NYS COE) has been a very welcome addition to New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) Comprehensive Family Planning Program. Since its inception, the COE has provided webinars, regional training workshops, technical assistance, provider meetings and a myriad of resources all designed to assist you in continuing to provide high quality family planning and reproductive health care services.

I am excited by the NYS COE's newest offering, a quarterly e-Newsletter, the NYS COE Quarterly. This quarterly newsletter will provide the family planning provider community with updates on the NYS COE's various planned activities, including trainings and Webinars, and resource and tool development. It also will serve as a platform to disseminate information on cutting edge and best practices being implemented within NYS DOH's sub-recipient network, external trainings and events, and new literature and research.

Both NYS DOH and the NYS COE look forward to staying connected with you through this new channel, as well as to using it to communicate our many collective successes.

Tom Tallon
Associate Director
Bureau of Women, Infant, & Adolescent Health
New York State Department of Health