Manual and Website Workgroups

NYS Family Planning Provider Manual Workgroup
With the release of the Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs, or QFP, and the revised Program Requirements for Title X Projects, the NYS COE is reconvening the three workgroups it previously established to inform the development of a Family Planning Provider Manuals for NYS DOH-funded sub-recipient agencies. These workgroups initially were convened in late 2011 to develop manuals that were specific to Title X project management and administration requirements in New York State, and reflected evidence-based and best practices in family planning and reproductive health service provision. The manuals still will be subdivided into three sections: Program Administration; Clinical Protocols; and Education and Outreach. The NYS COE will be reaching out to original workgroup members, but also invites others interested in contributing to this process to get involved. If you or some within your agency is interested in participating on the Program Administration, Clinical Protocols, or Education and Outreach Manual Workgroups, please reach out to Julia Sheed at

Website Workgroup
While the current NYS COE website fulfills its primary purposes, the NYS COE strives for a program website that is more functional and better able to support family planning provider agencies at improving their practices, processes, and outcomes. In response, the NYS COE is recruiting members to serve on a Website Workgroup. The Website Workgroup will provide feedback to the NYS COE around what family planning providers need and want from a program website. Workgroup members will participate in two online surveys and two debrief conference calls related to the website. Workgroup members will inform the layout, design, and user experience and will serve as testers of the revamped website. If you are interested in participating on the Website Workgroup, please reach out to Julia Sheed at