Meeting Overview

This meeting will bring together representatives from each of the HIV Prevention grantee organizations for a small, working meeting, including opportunities for skill-building workshops, networking, and small group discussion. This meeting will focus on the unique roles and responsibilities of the Title X Grantee in identifying, integrating and scaling up best practices for the delivery of sustainable HIV testing and linkage services in the family planning context.

In 2013, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) announced the availability of funds from the Secretary's Minority AIDS Initiative Funds (SMAIF) and Title X funds for existing Title X- funded service grants to provide high impact HIV prevention services that include opt-out HIV testing, linkage to care, behavioral interventions through counseling sessions, condom distribution, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening and treatment. A portion of grantees were also awarded funding to develop and implement enhanced, bi-directional linkage services between Title X service sites and Ryan White-funded HIV medical service sites, and to formulate best practices based on their experience.