2014 New York State Family Planning Provider Meeting

2014 New York State Family Planning Provider Meeting - June 12 - 13

Current shifts in the healthcare environment have triggered a retooling of publicly supported family planning services. Medicaid and private health insurance will pay for the core of the clinical care provided by programs, and Title X funds will wrap around that core. With decreased or flat-lined funds trickling down in the form of grant dollars to support core activities, family planning agencies' continued ability to provide meaningful access to high-quality, evidence-based sexual and reproductive health services hinges on their capacity to secure full and accurate third-party reimbursement.

The 2014 Annual Provider Meeting brought together leadership from each family planning program receiving Title X funds from the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) to explore the contemporary funding structure of family planning programs, and identify how to leverage current opportunities to support their programs in providing services in line with the evidence-based practices, with an emphasis on long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). Two individuals from each funded agency were required to attend this two-day meeting: the Project Administrator and the program fiscal director.

 Pre-Meeting Workshop: Understanding Cost: Moving Towards Sustainability - June 11

Title X program guidelines strongly recommend as strong business practice that all family planning programs to conduct regular cost analyses to assess the true cost of delivering services and, in turn, to use findings to set charges and craft sliding fee scales. However, the utility of the cost analysis goes beyond meeting this program requirement. Measuring, understanding, and documenting the cost of services can make it easier for programs to improve the cost-efficiency of services. Cost analysis findings also are a critical tool to have when renegotiating reimbursement rates with third-party payers. These 4-hour hands-on workshops, offered on June 11 as a pre-meeting events for attendees, walked participants through how to properly conduct a cost analysis using a methodology that is based on a relative value system.