Our Approach

CAI's unique approach is rooted in adult learning theory and is guided by the principles of Action Research – which apply practical, evidence-based strategies to promote positive change in underserved communities. Our capacity-building philosophy allows us to address society's most pressing needs by building core competencies, addressing stigma and discrimination, working through issues of resistance and ambivalence, and teaching new knowledge and skills which are evidence-based and borne out of best practices. Part of our unique approach includes the simultaneous creation of a strategic vision and implementation plan, because we know strategy only works when it is applied in real life settings.

Some of the core strategies and approaches used by CAI in the design, development and delivery of services include

Adult Learning Theory

Cultural Competency

Distance and Blended Learning

Evidence-Based Interventions and Research-to-Practice

Learning Collaboratives

Peer Leadership and Peer Integration

Performance and Project Management

Population-Based Interventions

Supervision and leadership