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Greater NY ANAC - 2014 Conference

The purpose of this conference was to reflect on the pivotal role HIV nurse specialists have played since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and on the continued need for nurses with specialized training, as the care and treatment of HIV infected individuals evolves, and as our expertise must expand to include other infectious disease.

As a result of attending this conference, participants were able to:

  • Discuss ways to reenergize and refocus HIV nurses as patient needs shift from the acute to the chronic
  • Describe the changing climate in the treatment of people with HCV and how our HIV nursing experience can enhance the care of these individuals
  • Explore issues related to the aging of the current HIV nurse force and ways to ensure that the work is carried on
  • Define the effect of Compassion Fatigue on nurses and identify interventional strategies
  • Discuss the arc of HIV nursing from the past to the present and into the future
  • Identify elements of a comprehensive sexual risk assessment for older adults