State of GA: Integration of Peers

CAI successfully oversaw a pioneering project to integrate peers as essential members of multi-disciplinary health care teams in the State of Georgia. Through comprehensive training and technical assistance, CAI created the first statewide peer support program in Georgia. The program mobilized the unique experiences of peers to undertake client support services that improve health care access, treatment adherence, care coordination, and continuity of care for people living with HIV/AIDS with a particular programmatic focus on increasing minority enrollment in HIV care and in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program through enhanced client support.

CAI built the skills of peers and worked with clinics to enable them to integrate peer workers into clinical care teams, resulting in the integration of trained peers into multi-disciplinary health care teams in 15 clinical sites in six health districts. CAI helped clinics identify and hire peers and conducted yearly site visits to meet with clinical staff and peers in order to assess peer integration efforts. Focused trainings built both clinical and peer expertise in enhanced outreach, navigation, patient education, adherence support, and advocacy. Capacity-building components included on-site training (with skills-building exercises), peer-specific webinars, follow-up conference calls, and on- site support and technical assistance. CAI's integrated program was also delivered as a national model and was funded by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration.

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