CAI Training Resource Center

Technical Assistance Services

While change can be difficult, it is a necessary part of growth. Many human service agencies struggle to implement changes to service provision while their funding and budget structures are fixed, and sometimes decreased. CAI technical assistance and capacity-building experts help agencies through this process by providing guidance, support, and advice on how to incorporate best practices in health service provision.

Our experts encourage agencies to implement evidence-based and innovative strategies focused on maximizing internal resources to achieve program outcomes. CAI's technical assistance (TA) is delivered via online webinars, conference calls, and face-to-face training and includes support around data collection and management. Over 3,000 service organizations have benefited from CAI's personalized technical assistance.

TA Delivery

CAI supports local service agencies by providing training and TA to staff at all levels of service. Since 2009, we have provided opportunities for managers to come together and share successes, challenges, and receive guidance around ways to increase caseload and improve service delivery utilizing existing resources. Training and TA programs have been developed specifically for Directors, Coordinators, and/or Site Managers to focus on how to manage staff, deliver quality services, and enhance clinic flow using data and performance standards.

Sample TA Programs

Managers' Retreat

The Managers' Retreat is a two-day event that brings senior managers and coordinators together to share lessons learned and increase their knowledge and skills in management and supervision. At this event, staff learn innovative techniques to build their skills around staff performance, motivation, and development.

Data Utilization

The Data Utilization training program is focused on how to utilize data for program planning and performance assessment. Staff work in small groups to review state-wide data reports content and assess how it can be used for planning and improvement of services such as breastfeeding, healthy eating, and caseload.

Clinic Flow

The Clinic Flow training program is offered for staff interested in improving services while focusing on a key factor impacting participant retention and satisfaction – clinic cycle wait time. CAI designed and developed an interactive workshop for local agencies to examine and better understand the flow of a participant upon entry and exit in their clinic. Attendees are required to conduct a patient flow analysis onsite and submit the data to be analyzed prior to training. At the training, staff review the data, identify potential areas for improvement and develop action plans to reduce wait times and participant experiences in the clinic.

Manager's Learning Collaborative

Manager's Learning Collaborative is a 9 month course aimed at supporting local agency site coordinators and managers in an examination of their services and implementation of a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program. During the collaborative, agencies explore how to integrate the CQI process into their primary program management strategy to both enhance the quality and outcomes of their programs while reducing the administrative burden typically associated with quality initiatives. Agencies must identify a multi-disciplinary team to commit to the course and participate in 3 face-to-face learning sessions in addition to a number of web-based technical assistance events. Throughout the collaborative, agencies implement performance improvement strategies. The team tracks the impact of the strategies through a examination of a series of indicators and receives on-going support from CAI trainers and TA staff. Agencies are also supported in creating a sustainability plan for the improvement strategies that have proved to be effective.