CAI Training Resource Center

Website Development

In 2011, CAI designed and developed the highly successful Breastfeeding Partners website ( for the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH). Breastfeeding Partners is the only national website devoted to WIC breastfeeding peer counselors and is unique in that it also caters to a second audience – providing pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers with helpful advice and information to make breastfeeding a more satisfying and comfortable experience.

We worked closely with NYS DOH throughout the entire process of creating the website, starting off by gathering information about their vision for the website (e.g., updated tone, audience(s), aesthetic, purpose, goals, impact) and finishing with an extensive testing and proofing process to ensure full functionality and accuracy across every page of the website.

The planning process involved the drafting a year-long timeline, complete with target goals for rewriting/editing existing content, creating new written material, identifying images to be used throughout the website, and outlining the navigational layout.

During the actual development stage, we were able to utilize the time-efficient strategy of having our in-house breastfeeding knowledge and technical writing experts work on the content at the same time our web and graphic design teams were creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Knowing that communication is a crucial element to successfully delivering a website that matches the needs and taste of your funder, we scheduled frequent meetings with NYS DOH throughout the entire process, integrating their feedback (i.e., changes, corrections) into immediate adjustments to the directional aesthetic and content of the website.