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Resources of Interest

If you have additional resources that you would recommend adding to this listing, please contact Lucy Paez Stelzner.

CAI-developed Resources:

New York State Department of Health Resources:

Quality Family Planning:

  • QFP Overview  Provided by the National Training Center, this one-page fact sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the intended changes of the new QFP guidelines.
  • Family Planning and Related Preventive Health Services Checklists for Women and Men An NTC provided checklist of family planning and related preventive services for both women and men. The checklist advises women and men to receive a history, physical examination, and laboratory testing, in accordance with the appropriate clinical recommendations, allowing individuals to be proactive about their reproductive health.
  • Case Management for Contraceptive Care Webinar – This webinar, designed for advanced practice clinicians, provides a reproductive health pharmacologic update in management of hormonal contraceptives for women using the U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use (USMECCU). It also includes a Q and A session and case presentations.

  Quality Improvement: 

  Fiscal Sustainability:

-        Webinar Resources:

  • Region II Family Planning Training Center Webinars – The Regional Family Planning Training Center at CAI has available on its website a variety of archived Webinars, including ones on STI treatment guidelines, mandatory reporting, human trafficking, and male sexual and reproductive health services.

  • "Shaping the Future of Title X: Conversations with OPA" Featuring the Office of Population Affairs' Acting Director Sue Moskosky and other OPA staff, this webinar features a discussion on the future of the Title X network, with questions answered by the staff regarding the sustainability of the network.

  • "Affordable Care Act and the Future of Title X"  In this webinar, the Office of Population Affairs discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Title X, as well as answers audience questions.

 -        Distance Learning Resources:

  • Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking in a Health Care Context – Developed by the Polaris Project, this online resource provides an overview of human trafficking in the United States and potential health impacts for victims; reviews signs that a client is a potential victim of human trafficking; and identifies promising practices for health care professionals aiming to assist a potential victim of human trafficking.

-        Other Tools and Resources:

  • Health Care Reform: Outreach and Enrollment – Developed through the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association's (NFPRHA) Life After 40 Project, these are materials are intended to support outreach efforts to clients who are in need of health insurance.
  • Curricula Organizer for Reproductive Health Education (CORE) Tool – CORE is an open access tool developed by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals that supports the development of scientific presentations on the full spectrum of reproductive health topics from a collection of peer-reviewed, evidence-based materials. 
  • Provider Marketplace Toolkit – This HRSA toolkit includes a range of resources and materials that clinicians and health care administrators can use to learn more about the Marketplace and educate patients about their new health care options, how insurance works, and the benefits of having insurance.
  • Title X Grantees List The US Department of Health & Human Services has provided a directory of Title X-funded family planning grantees, delegates, and clinics throughout the country, sorted by state and territory.

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