CE Credits

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CHES Credits:

For those seeking CHES credits, A self-study form can be completed and submitted for Category II CHES/MCHES CECH. NATISHE falls under the "Professional (non-academic) Training Experience, which awards one CECH for each ten hours of training.

AASECT Credits:

NATISHE is co-sponsored by Widener University, an institutional provider of AASECT CEs.
This training provides 16.5 hours of AASECT CEs in the following content areas related to certification:

  • Learning theory and application.

  • Presentation skills.

  • Theory and methods of general education (including curriculum development, delivery, and evaluation).

  • Theory and methods of sexuality education (including curriculum development, delivery, and evaluation).

  • Socio-cultural issues in sexuality education.

  • Theory and methods of approaches to sexuality education with specific populations (e.g. youth, older adults, couples).

  • Theory and methods of different approaches sexuality education delivery (e.g. small group work, one on one education, large group lectures).