Infertility Prevention Project- Region IV IPP

FTP Data Submission Instructions

FTP Data Submission Instructions              Updated 8/23/2011

IPP Prevalence Monitoring Data Submission Schedule

Project Area IPP Data Managers should submit data to the Region IV IPP Infrastructure, CAI, within 45 days of the close of each quarter.

Quarter Due from Projects to CAI
1st May 15
2nd August 15
3rd November 15
4th February 15

Instructions to Project Areas for Data Submission Using the Secure FTP System:

All data managers are asked to submit data using the FTP system effective August 31, 2011.

1. Save data file using the following name format:

Prevalence Monitoring Data:
[Project Area]_IPP_P_[Year]q[Quarter].[Extension .dbf, sas7bdat, or .txt]

For example:


Facility Reference File (FRF): (Effective 2010q1)
Project Areas are no longer be required to submit their FRF with their quarterly data submission. The Infrastructure will maintain an updated copy of the Regional FRF. We encourage States to report changes only, including corrections and additions, to the Infrastructure as part of your Quarterly Data QA Memo. If you do choose to submit a new FRF for a given quarter, please specify what information was updated for our records.

Quarterly Data QA Memo: (Effective 2009q1)
After uploading prevalence monitoring data for the quarter, please send an email to the Infrastructure Data Manager ( and attach a Quarterly Data Memo detailing data quality and reporting issues and coding changes in the format specified by the Infrastructure.

Note: If more than one Prevalence Monitoring Data file is submitted per Project Area (i.e. State) each quarter, please contact the Region IV Data Manager to discuss appropriate file labeling.

2. Right click on the Start menu and select “Explore” to open Windows Explorer. (Note this is not the same thing as Internet Explorer).

Type in the following FTP address in the address bar:

3. In the dialog box that appears, enter your assigned Username and Password (both are case sensitive). When you login, you will only be able to access the FTP folder designated for your project area. Contact Kelly Opdyke ( if you do not know your Username or Password.

4. Move the appropriate files into the FTP folder to upload your data file. (Browse to select the file you wish to upload, and copy or drag into the FTP folder). After your data submission is complete, your file will appear in the FTP folder. Note that you may upload, delete, or overwrite existing files in your designated FTP folder. The contents of the folder may not exceed 30MB.

5. Email the Region IV IPP Infrastructure Data Managers ( and following each data submission to confirm submission of data files and Quarterly Data Memo. After the file has been retrieved, the Infrastructure will confirm receipt by email and delete the data file from the secure server.