Current Project:Avon Foundation’s Breast Health Outreach Program

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PROJECT: A comparison of behavioral questionnaire administration modalities among patients in the Avon Foundation’s Breast Health Outreach Program: Audio computer-assisted self interview (ACASI), face to Face interview (FFI), and self-administered paper interviews for client demographic and behavior profiles.

OBJECTIVE: The Avon BHOP is funded through the Avon Foundation for Women, which supports women’s access to care and breast cancer research and also works to expand breast cancer services to underserved populations.  In order to track clients served by the program, a two-page demographic and behavioral profile of every woman receiving a mammogram through the Avon BHOP is collected and submitted to CAI and scanned into a database.  This data is collected annually on approximately 125,000 women.  Currently, profiles are collected through self administered paper-based interviews (SAPI) or face-to-face interviews (FFI).  Audio Computer-Assisted Self Interview (ACASI) may be a questionnaire administration modality which can increase perceived privacy of the respondent, reduce costs associated with data collection and entry, and which may be beneficial in the context of low-literacy. This project will assess differences in questionnaire administration modalities which can be used in the clinical setting in order to collect demographic and behavioral profile data for women receiving mammograms through the Avon BHOP: Audio-Computer Assisted Self Interview (ACASI), Face to Face Interview (FFI), and Self-Administered Paper-Based Interview (SAPI).  Each of these three questionnaire administration modalities has its merits and drawbacks.  A test of these behavioral questionnaire administration modalities has yet to be conducted in women served by the program, and this information can inform future surveillance efforts.