PROJECT: A serological and behavioral assessment of HIV infection in the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic.

Following the study of sexual risk behavior among military personnel stationed along border crossing zones with Haiti, there was still a need for a national Biological and Behavioral Surveillance Survey (BBSS) of HIV infection to be conducted for the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic located throughout the entire nation (not just among personnel in the border region).

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of HIV infection among military personnel in the FFAA, determine the prevalence of HIV-risk behaviors among FFAA personnel; and to determine potential behavioral drivers of the epidemic. The research was funded by the United States Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, and the principal investigator was Dr. Michael Anastario. Publications derived from this project include the following: Hallum-Montes R, D’Souza R, Chun H, Dann GE, Anastario M. Condom use during last sexual contact and last 30 days in two samples of Caribbean military personnel. American Journal of Men’s Health, forthcoming.