Updates from the NYS COE

2016-2017 NYS DOH Ensuring Access Learning Collaborative

In June 2017, CAI held the Summative Congress for the 2016-2017 Ensuring Access to Quality Family Planning Services Learning Collaborative. Over the course of this collaborative, which consisted of three face-to-face meetings and six webinars, participating agencies sought to improve the number and proportion of new and returning clients served who are below 101% of the Federal Poverty Level. Using performance measure data to monitor improvement, teams implemented several strategies including: developing, implementing, and monitoring outreach activities; improving wait times and the appointment scheduling processes and soliciting real and authentic feedback from clients to improve the patient experience and assessing staff attitudes and beliefs. 
During this last face-to-face session, participants were able to share key successes and challenges from their work, and develop a plan for sustained improvement efforts. The agencies left this meeting highly motivated to continue efforts related to this initiative in reaching priority populations. While more extensive results are still pending, initial findings are promising: over the course of the collaborative, there was an 8% increase across all sites in the key performance measure (% of clients under 101% of the FPL).