Position Description

As a Teen Educator, you will work with other teens and adults to improve your community. You will be asked to do the following:

  • Attend and participate in a five-day Teen Educator Training in Buffalo. NY. The training (4 hours each day) is scheduled for:
              - July 20th from 3 - 7PM
              - July 22nd, 23rd, and July 29th, 30th from 12 - 4PM
  • Regularly attend and participate in two enrichment meetings each month
  • Facilitate PATCH for HOPE Buffalo workshops (one for health care professionals like doctors, nurses, and many others; one for other teens like you!) throughout the program year
  • Provide teen voice and act as a teen representative at some community events and conferences
  • Be a reliable source of information for other teens
  • Advocate for change in your community and health care systems

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