Related Projects

CAI’s current projects in reproductive and contraceptive health for adolescents are identified below. Click a project to find out more about its goals, the population it serves and how you might get involved. 

CAP 100x50 01Contraceptive Action Plan (CAP)
Target Audience: Healthcare professionals
Goal: To improve birth outcomes and reduce rates of unintended pregnancy through ensuring access to all forms of contraception including Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC).


CSS 100x50 02Connections for Student Success
Target Audience: Education Agencies
Goal: To reduce STD, HIV and unintended pregnancy among youth by increasing access to sexual health services.


DFY 100x50 03DFY: Take Charge! (Development For Youth)
Target Audience: While it has been specifically designed for youth (12-19 years of age) in foster care and other high-risk youth populations the curriculum can be adapted for all youth populations.
Goal: It started as a research project to test the efficacy of a comprehensive STI and pregnancy prevention curriculum designed specifically for youth (12-19 years of age) in foster care. The six years of research on this intervention has shown it to be effective in increasing contraception use amongst this population. This curriculum is available to all agencies and organizations that serve youth.

FOF 100x50 04Focus on the Future (FOF)
Target Audience: FOF can be adapted for use in different settings and different target populations.
Goal: FOF is an evidence-based intervention that has shown to effectively increase correct and consistent condom use, as well as reduce STD acquisition among the target population.


HOPE 100x50 05HOPE Buffalo
Target Audience: Nine zip code areas in Buffalo, NY with disparities in rates of teen pregnancies and births. The target audience includes youth, adults, community-based organizations, and other key stakeholders.
Goal: To improve the lives and opportunities for adolescents by facilitating and resourcing a community-driven response to reduce teen pregnancy in select zip codes in Erie County.