Distance Learning

CAI offers a variety of distance learning services to assist with training, technical assistance and other development efforts.

What is Distance Learning?
As the demand for training increases and becomes more specialized, and face-to-face trainings become more difficult for participants to access due to financial and geographic constraints, distance learning options become increasingly appealing: Without the time or expense of travel, CAI is able to deliver high quality, flexible training and technical assistance to participants spanning the globe, and tailored to meet almost any need, including:

  • Varying levels of previous knowledge
  • Different learning styles and speeds
  • Different areas of interest and subspecialties
  • Long term follow-up and support
  • Easier access to experts in the field
  • Pre-training courses
  • Learning collaboratives
  • Networking with trainers and participants
  • Tracking and oversight of course completion
  • Certification and continuing education credits

To deliver customized training and technical assistance to meet these needs, CAI makes use of cutting-edge modes of training delivery, including: Self-paced online learning programs, webinars, virtual meetings, web-based clearinghouses and newsletters, videoconferencing, and discussion boards.

To learn more about our distance learning services, email us at info@caiglobal.org

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