Research Approach

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Research and Evaluation at CAI is guided by the principles of “Action Research,” or research that aims to have a direct and positive impact on participants’ lives. Through this approach, research staff at CAI link theory, research, and practice in the pursuit of practical, evidence-based solutions to issues of pressing concern.  

The central principles that guide Research and Evaluation at CAI are:

  • Close collaboration with research participants and stakeholders to maintain ongoing dialogue throughout the research process
  • Promotion of participant empowerment through direct involvement of participants in the research process
  • Use of research and evaluation findings to develop rapid and practical solutions to pressing issues for individuals, organizations, and communities
  • Widespread dissemination of research and evaluation findings to community stakeholders, practitioners, and experts through technical reports, publications, and presentations.

Informed by these principles, Research and Evaluation at CAI works to promote participant empowerment and positive change through the research process – an approach that reflects the mission of CAI to use the transformative power of education and research to foster a more aware, healthy, compassionate, and equitable world.