Our Goals

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The Research, Monitoring and Evaluation staff at CAI aim to link theory, research, data, and evaluation directly to practice, and to advance program development and scientific knowledge within the field. Our overall goal is to build upon our strong history of research and data use to advance our knowledge and work in serving the needs of vulnerable and at-risk populations. Our specific goals include:

  • Documenting and analyzing the experiences and changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of participants served through CAI programs;
  • Disseminating key research and evaluation findings and lessons learned to widespread audiences through peer-reviewed publications and technical reports;
  • Establishing standardized routine information systems to strengthen program implementation
  • Continuing to build upon and strengthen our reputation for quality research and data analysis in the areas of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and treatment, infertility prevention, healthcare outreach for underserved populations, adolescent pregnancy prevention, and tobacco control;
  • Expanding our research to other areas, including environmental health, obesity, and aging